World of Tanks Trivial Pursuit Now Available


Question: What is the latest World of Tanks board game featuring 1,800 questions? Answer: World of Tanks Trivial Pursuit!

If that one was too easy, it's time to test your knowledge with World of Tanks Trivial Pursuit, exclusively available for purchase in the Wargaming Store! It's the ultimate game of wisdom, and now you can apply everything you know about tanks, World War II history, game mechanics, and more to your next great success.

Pick up your copy of World of Tanks Trivial Pursuit in the Wargaming Store, and start showing your smarts!

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  • What's Unchanged?
  • What's New?
  • What's in the Box?

World of Tanks Trivial Pursuit has been personalized to be the perfect trivia collectible for all tank and board game enthusiasts. But some features remain true to the original, including:

  • Object and rules of the game: Players move around the board answering questions. When a player lands on a category space, they earn the corresponding colored wedge if they answer the question correctly. The first player to collect six different colored wedges and answer a final question correctly wins!
  • The game board: The board layout hasn't changed, but has received a World of Tanks makeover.
  • 1,800 questions: From the obscure to the more well known, there's no game more packed with tank trivia.
  • Categories: Six all-new categories to test your general and specialized tank and historical knowledge.

  • Nations
  • World War II History
  • Tanks
  • Tank Mechanics and Stats
  • Game Modes, Features, and Updates
  • Chance Encounter

  • 1 game board
  • 300 cards
  • 1 die
  • 6 wedge holders
  • 36 wedges

World of Tanks Monopoly

World of Tanks Trivial Pursuit isn't our only tank-themed board game. Transfer your mastery of strategy, scheming, and economy from the battlefield to the board, and claim ultimate bragging rights in World of Tanks Monopoly, also available in the Wargaming Store.


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