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Who doesn't like a subtle brag every now and then? Well, now's your chance to show off in style with new high-quality collectible World of Tanks coins for the Tiger I, Cromwell, and TOG II*.

We've partnered with Fanattik to offer just 5,000 limited edition coins in the Wargaming Store. For all of our enthusiasts out there, each coin comes with a unique number to greatly increase its collectibility value!

Fanattik is a well-known producer of officially licensed and high-quality memorabilia and souvenirs from the world of movies, TV, and gaming. We'll also announce more Fanattik goodies soon, including keychains, metal ingots, and more. Stay tuned to the portal news for more information!

  • Tiger I Limited Edition Coin
  • Cromwell Limited Edition Coin
  • TOG II* Limited Edition Coin

The Tiger I was one of the fiercest and most feared tanks of the Second World War. With its deadly 88 mm gun and seemingly impenetrable 120 mm armor, this tank proved an imposing figure on the battlefield. Get this intimidating German hunter on a double-sided embossed Fanattik collectible coin.

Front and Back


The Cromwell fought across North Africa, France, and Germany, then eventually made its way to Berlin, where it took part in the Victory Parade on September 7, 1945. Commemorate this incredible British tank and historical moment with a double-sided embossed Fanattik collectible coin.

Front and Back


The TOG II* is one of the most iconic vehicles in World of Tanks, largely due to its immense size, weight… and lack of speed. It was devised between the two world wars as a new super-heavy tank that could break through fortified enemy lines. Although the vehicle quickly proved obsolete, it has nevertheless won the hearts of players and tank enthusiasts alike. Luckily, a double-sided embossed Fanattik collectible coin is much easier to pick up!

Front and Back


Products will be shipped during the week of August 8.


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There are only 5,000 coins available, Commanders, so get them while you can!

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