New Displate Tank Chronicles Collection and Metal Time Miniatures!


Don't miss out on the latest Displate World of Tanks metal posters and exciting Metal Time miniature tank models!

Tank Chronicles Collection from Displate

Our partners at Displate have launched a new World of Tanks-themed collection of exclusive metal posters that bring your walls to life. Until June 16, you can get all these posters with a 30% discount using the promo code WOTMAY. Get savings on the Tank Chronicles Collection, centered around select iconic World of Tanks vehicles!


Displate offers a selection of exquisite metal posters that come in various sizes. Thanks to their magnetic mounting system, these metal prints won't need an AP shell or even a drill to stick to your walls. On top of that, for every Displate product you buy, one tree will be planted. So decorate your walls, add more tanks to your favorite room, and help save the planet—all at the same time!

More Tanks from Metal Time

We previously featured our partner Metal Time and its collection of precision-made, high-quality 3D metal models based on in-game vehicles. Whether you're a model enthusiast or you're looking for a new challenge, Metal Time's WoT Collection is sure to impress as you assemble these intricate and beautiful creations.

The models feature fully rotating turrets, opening hatches, moving tracks, windup spring mechanisms, and other interactive details. Take a closer look at the Tiger I (World of Tanks) Ponderous Panzer:

The Tiger I and other Metal Time items are now available in the World of Tanks Store—click the link below to see the full collection:

Metal Time World of Tanks Collection

Metal Time World of Tanks items are also available in the Metal Time Store.

Metal Time specializes in high-quality iconic model sets that bring builders hours of enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment when completed. These models come in a variety of themes, including aviation, racing, agriculture, and space travel.

Decorate your home with World of Tanks metal posters from Displate and enjoy the challenge of assembling miniature model tanks from Metal Time!

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