Tiger Day Online: Stream Details, War Child Bundles, Twitch Drops


Tiger Day Online is taking place on April 23, and we're preparing for the unforgettable occasion with a host of real life and in-game activities, including a historic livestream.

The 4 hour stream will be packed with history, insight from world-leading tank experts, a live demonstration complete with a feed inside Tiger 131, and much more. Juicy Twitch Drops will also be up for grabs on the official English EU World of Tanks Twitch channel, and anyone who watches for at least 2 hours will receive all the Drops. Tiger 131, the last running Tiger 1 tank, lives at The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK, and we'll be working with the museum to bring this rare and visually impressive live display to audiences all around the world for the first time ever.

Join us for all the action and to benefit War Child UK's emergency Ukraine response through a sale of exclusive emblems, where all proceeds will go to the charity. It's a great opportunity to contribute to a life-saving cause, so check out all the details for the event so you don't miss out!

Tiger Day 2022

Tiger Day Online Stream: April 23 at 17:00 CEST (UTC+2) for 4 hours

Twitch Drops: Tiger Day Online Stream duration

Exclusive War Child Charity Bundles: April 19 at 07:00 CEST through April 26 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Exclusive Tiger Day Sales For War Child UK

 Available from April 19 at 07:00 CEST through April 26 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

"Charitable" x3
  •  3 "Charitable" emblems
ends in:
"Charitable" x10
  •  10 "Charitable" emblems
ends in:
"Mascot" x3
  •  3 "Mascot" emblems
ends in:
"Mascot" x10
  •  10 "Mascot" emblems
ends in:

  • This is a charity sale, and the emblems on sale are only distributed for charitable causes. 
  • All proceeds from this sale will go directly to War Child UK’s emergency Ukraine charity response.
  • Read on to find out more about War Child.

Exclusive Emblems For A Life-Saving Cause

In previous years, we have used Tankfest to raise money for The Tank Museum to aid its preservation and restoration of historical vehicles. However, we and our friends at The Tank Museum feel it is more appropriate to help generate funding for much-needed humanitarian aid. This sale of World of Tanks emblems will be supporting War Child UK in its emergency Ukraine response with all proceeds going directly to the charity. War Child UK is providing emergency psychosocial support and protection to vulnerable refugee children fleeing Ukraine.

More details on War Child UK's emergency Ukraine response

Overnight, millions of families have been forced to flee their homes, becoming displaced within Ukraine or refugees in neighbouring countries. War Child is providing life-saving emergency psychosocial support and vital protection to vulnerable refugee children.

But they know the challenges are not just in the short-term and expect to stay in the region for a considerable period. War Child are the only charity who specialise in protecting children in conflict, so their expertise means they can reach endangered children quickly, and offer them and their families the critical help they need.

A staggering 3.5 million people have fled Ukraine and a further 6.5 million people have been displaced.

War Child has mobilised quickly in order to provide emergency psychosocial support and protection to vulnerable refugee children and their families. They are working around the clock with local volunteers and non-governmental organisations at the borders with Romania and Moldova – countries that have few resources to be able to care for refugees.

War Child is also actively finding ways to support children who have remained in Ukraine. They have identified Ukrainian partners and will look to scale up their response soon to be able to effectively support partner work within Ukraine.

Support War Child via Tiltify

If you are not a World of Tanks player or would simply prefer to support War Child UK and the children of Ukraine via Tiltify, you can do so by donating to the charity's campaign.


Tiger Day Online Stream

 From April 23 at 17:00 through 21:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The highlight of Tiger Day is the exciting livestream in collaboration with The Tank Museum, taking place on April 23 at 17:00 CEST (UTC+2). It's a unique opportunity to see Tiger 131, the last running Tiger 1 tank, in a thrilling live demonstration with plenty more content to look forward to. Tune in to our official English Twitch channel for guaranteed Twitch Drops, with the stream also available on our and The Tank Museum's YouTube channels. During the 4 hour stream, which will have a familiar feel to Tankfest Online, you can expect:

  • Origins of the Tiger - A historical rundown of the tank's concept and development with fascinating details
  • Capturing Tiger 131 - The captivating story of Tiger 131's thrilling capture in North Africa
  • Conserving an icon - A discussion of the challenges and processes of keeping Tiger 131 running, including interviews
  • Live Display - See Tiger 131 in action, an exclusive look inside the tank, and an interview with its driver
  • Inside Tiger 131 - Get an in-depth view of the crew positions and roles inside Tiger 131
  • Meeting the pack - Take a look at the other Tiger tanks


Please be aware the livestream will only be available in English.

Tiger Day Twitch Drops

 Available for the duration of the stream, April 23 at 17:00 through 21:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The Tiger Day Online stream is lining up to be a knockout, and Twitch Drops promise to make it even better with guaranteed in-game rewards. The longer you watch, the more you'll earn, with great loot including Premium Account time, Premium Vehicles, and 3D styles up for grabs. You only need to watch for 2 hours to get all of the Drops, so make sure to be there for the start of the stream.

Regular Drops:

After 30 minutes:

  •  5 Large Repair Kits
  • 5 Large First Aid Kits
  • 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers

Mystery Drops:

After 60 minutes, guaranteed one of the following:
  •  1 day of WoT Premium Account
  •  3 days of WoT Premium Account
After 90 minutes, guaranteed one of the following:
  •  1 day of WoT Premium Account
  •  3 days of WoT Premium Account
After 120 minutes, guaranteed one of the following:
  •  1 day of WoT Premium Account
  •  7 days of WoT Premium Account
  •  1 3D style "Pike" for the IS-3

 Twitch Drops are only available on the Official English World of Tanks Twitch channel.

Mystery Drops can be claimed until May 2 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2). You must claim them on Twitch and then log into World of Tanks before this date and time.


Recruit A Friend Into Your Tiger Pack

Create an account using this referral or use the invite code ALPACA and claim a rental  VI Tiger 131  and a  V Matilda Black Prince  to keep in World of Tanks PC. For every new player who signs up via this referral, World of Tanks will donate to The Tank Museum. Share the invite code with your friends in time for Tiger Day Online, and take to the battlefield as a team!

Tiger Day Online has it all—a sale for a life-saving cause; a 4-hour, action packed stream; amazing Twitch Drops featuring Premium vehichles and Premium time—so get involved!

Roll Out!

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