Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Ho-Ni


Japan faced limited anti-tank capabilities at the start of World War II. To address the demand for tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery, they started developing vehicles with high-velocity cannons mounted on tracks. One of their early successful attempts was the Type 1 Ho-Ni, based on the Type 97 medium tank. Despite having minimal modifications, it still packed a punch!

Today, finding any remaining Japanese tank destroyers is quite challenging, as most of them were destroyed during the war. Luckily, Nicholas "The Chieftain" Moran, our trusty tank connoisseur, spotted one at the US Army's Artillery Museum in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Join him for a closer look at the Type 1 Ho-Ni. Explore the vehicle's access hatches, transmission plates, and unique design elements. Notice how the front armor curves inward and connects with the track pin, possibly indicating damage that caused the armor to shift forward. Talk about a battle scar!

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