Inside The Chieftain's Hatch: M48 Magach Part 2


One of the staples of the Israeli army during the late 1960s was the American M48 Patton, albeit with several key modifications. The Magach 3 ("battering ram" in Hebrew), for instance, featured an M60's engine and a British 105 mm cannon. The vehicle also served as the template for the U.S. Army's M48A5 Patton, which is also a Tier X vehicle in our game. So what is required of each crew member and where does each one fit into the cramped vehicle? Take a look inside the M48A3 and find out:

Nicholas "The Chieftain" Moran takes a close look at this beast at the Museum of American Armor in Long Island, New York. In part 1, Chieftain examined the exterior; in the follow-up, he goes inside the vehicle and examines each crew member's role (gunner, commander, loader, and driver), and illustrates how each one fulfills a key role in making the machine work.

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