Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Dragon Wagon, Part 1


Tanks—they're the behemoths of the battlefield, ready to rumble and take on any challenge. But even the toughest of tanks need a little help from time to time. Enter the Dragon Wagon—the M25 Tank Transporter—an unsung hero of the armored world. This powerful vehicle may not have a turret or a big gun, but it has a mission that is just as important: chauffeuring tanks from place to place without breaking a sweat. With its sturdy 6x6 M26 tractor unit and the trusty 40-ton M15 trailer, powered by a 240 horsepower Hall-Scott 440 engine, the M25 Tank Transporter is the versatile and reliable wingman every tank needs on the battlefield.

Join Nicholas "The Chieftain" Moran as he heads to the Museum of American Armor in Long Island, New York, to take a closer look at this hefty support vehicle. In the first of two parts, the Chieftain takes a look at the transporter's utility and functionality, examining its role in the military and even taking a peek inside the cab.

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