Five Cool Things About the Chieftain: Essential Facts for Military Enthusiasts


Meet the Chieftain—Britain's revolutionary main battle tank which saw decades of service with nations worldwide, with several variants seeing combat. It's perhaps best known for its remarkable L11A5 120 mm gun, which holds the world record for the longest recorded tank kill while mounted on the Challenger 1.

Its story begins, as all designs do, as a prototype. The IX FV4201 Chieftain Proto we have in-game was primarily based on the Chieftain P6 located at The Tank Museum in Bovington. It's one of the first six prototypes that was made, and has been the subject of much historical research.

As part of our Road to Tankfest, our very own Richard "The Challenger" Cutland picks out five cool things about the Chieftain—the vehicle on which he started his service in the British Army.

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