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World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Gamescom Q&A Recap

World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition is definitely a highlight of our booth this year’s Gamescom. Since we opened the gates for the first time on Wednesday, the console station has been visited by countless players eager to grab the gamepad and roll out for a test drive. The game received a lot of praise for its beautiful graphic and effects, and many questions were raised in regard to the state and the future of the game. Luckily, our Xbox 360 Edition specialists from Wargaming West were with us and answered all the questions. Here’s a recap of all the information they provided:

Why was the game designed on the Xbox 360 and not on other consoles?

The Xbox 360, besides being a great platform for graphically advanced games, has also a very huge player base. This is very important for gathering feedback and improving the game. We have also worked with Microsoft before and had great experience collaborating with them.  


Will there be a possibility to have also night time in the game?

The battles in World of Tanks are too short for dynamic daytime changes, but we may introduce additional night maps in the future.


Which contents will be available for the players in the Xbox 360 Edition?

Right now there are six maps, two nations and over 60 vehicles available in the game. Of course, we are planning to add further content as we go.


Does this version have the same vehicles as the PC one?

Yes. There may not be as many tanks on the Xbox as there are on the PC yet, but the ones available are the same vehicles you can play in the normal World of Tanks.



Are there plans of adding Clan Wars to the game?

Not in the nearest future. We have thought about it, however and it is possible that we add this feature at some point.


Will PC players be able to play together with the Xbox players?

No. Each platform will have their own separate servers.


Will World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition still be free to play?

Yes. Every player who has an active Xbox Live membership will be able to join and play the game.


How did you convert the game in terms of controls?

It was very challenging to make controlling your tank as intuitive on the gamepad as it is on the keyboard and mouse. When we were mapping the buttons we tried to make the controls somewhat similar to an FPS game. We wanted to make the many Xbox FPS players feel comfortable with the game from the very beginning, while allowing new players to master them quickly at the same time.


Will there be regions in the Xbox version like on the PC?

No, there will be no such division. Players from around the world will be able to meet and battle each other regardless where they live.


Roll out!