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Version 9.10: Team Battles and Maps

World of Tanks update 9.10 is out! In addition to the new branch of Japanese Heavy Tanks, a new system of map availability that depends on the tank tiers in battle, improvements to Team Battles, and other changes are waiting for players. In this article you can find a detailed description of the improvements to Team Battles and some final information on map availability depending on vehicle Tier.

Changes to Team Battles

  • Ranked Battle Missions: Update 9.10 introduces special missions for Permanent Teams that can be completed in Ranked Battles. These missions will become active once the new ladder season becomes live around 15 September. The reward will be given for transfers to upper divisions. More details about the new Ranked Battle Missions will be provided a little later.
  • Changes to the Economy: The economy of Team Battles is changed. Credits and experience penalties for the losing teams are removed.
  • Map Set Changed: In Update 9.10 the map set for Ranked Battles becomes the same as for the League. After the update, battles in Ranked Battles will be played on the following maps:
  • Ghost Town
  • Steppes
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Ruinberg
  • Lakeville
  • Mines

Map Availability in 9.10

Update 9.10 introduces a new system of map availability for Random Battles depending on tier:

  • Specific Maps matching to battle tier: Map availability determines the convenient tiers for each map. For instance, large maps are not suitable for low-tier battles and vice versa.
  • Simplifying the adaptation for new players to the game: The map set available for newcomers on low tiers has been changed. Now there are more simple and understandable maps that allow players to learn the basic game mechanics of World of Tanks.
  • Staggered involvement in the game: Currently there are about 40 maps. With the 9.10 release the number of maps available to players will increase with the tiers in the battle, which will make map exploration much easier.