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Rare Tank Spotted in World of Tanks Razer Boxes!

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We’re hearing reports that there have been sightings of a super-rare German medium tank bonus codes in World of Tanks Razer products. The Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydrostat. Tier V German Medium Tank is a rather elusive and speedy Premium tank. It is more than just a useful way of training crews, as it actually packs quite a decent punch as well!

Your chances of getting your hands on this solid all-rounder are getting slimmer and slimmer, so oil up your controls and prepare for action!

The World of Tanks Razer DeathAdder mouse might be just what you are looking for! With its 6400dpi optical sensor, the DeathAdder allows you to pull off the razor-sharp turns and clutch shots with ease.

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The World of Tanks Razer Goliathus mouse mat is the next step in ensuring a responsive, slip-free work surface for accuracy in those tricky moments.

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Finally, a good commander always knows the importance of good communication. The Kraken Pro headset with easily-stowable microphone, will ensure that you and your team are working effectively as a devastating mobile unit.


Remember, the World of Tanks Razer DeathAdder mouse contains this exclusive bonus code and once they’re gone, they’re gone! Get the complete set now, available at the Razer Store.


Roll out!