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WoT Open Tourney to be Held at Gamescom 2011

The largest European trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, taking place at the Köln Messe in Cologne, Germany, from August 17 to August 21, will be joined by, World of Tanks developers.

Within the frames of the exhibition visitors will be invited to take part in an open World of Tanks tournament. In addition a fantastic show match will be held. The developers will play against one of the best German teams that will visit the exhibition. The style and format of the match will be the one of ESL: 7x7, 42 team points, tanks and TDs of Tiers 1-8 are allowed. Artillery restriction is Tier 5. The match will consist of 5 battles and will be held on the following maps: Lakevill, Prokhorovka, Himmelsdorf, Steppes. (Round 5 will be played on Lakevill again).

At the same time this might be not the most exciting highlight of World of Tanks developers’ participation in Gamescom 2011. will also be introducing their newest MMO project World of Warplanes recently announced during E3 2011. Media will be able to take a first look at World of Warplanes gameplay, as well as discover the main features of the game during personal presentations in the business area of Gamescom 2011. CEO Victor Kislyi: “We'll be sharing the first details on World of Warplanes, which we are very excited about. Not to mention our new announcement! There's no better place than Gamescom to do that, and we look forward to this massive event.”

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