Happy Holidays From World of Tanks EU

Merry Tankmas and Happy Holidays, Commanders!

All of us at World of Tanks Europe would like to offer you season’s greetings, a heartfelt thank you, and only the best wishes!

2020 was, in many aspects, a very interesting year, and we are grateful to everyone who spent time with us. We can look back at exciting game modes that kept us entertained while cooped up at home. Annual events had to find new ways, and often went entirely online. Tankfest Online and gamescom digital are just two that we want to mention here. The execution of both took a lot of coordination and adaptation, and we are very proud that we managed to find ways to bring them directly to your home. Another highlight that carried us through the year was our celebration of the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks and 9 years since the launch of the EU servers. We also expanded our community activities on Discord, YouTube, and especially Twitch. This past year also saw the debut of numerous new tanks and Tech Tree branches as well as many more great highlights.

We really hope that we managed to make difficult times a little bit easier, and that we were able to provide an entertaining way to keep in touch with friends and fellow tank commanders while keeping a safe distance.

Thank you, happy New Year, and Roll Out!

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