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World of Tanks Assistant: Update 1.7 for iOS and Windows Phone

How about a full-scaled Tankopedia right in your pocket? From now on this is possible for iOS and Windows Phone users as World of Tanks Assistant releases version 1.7! No need to save tons of bookmarks with your favourite tanks characteristics any more. Anywhere you go, you’ll have a full tank knowledge database right at hand. Tankopedia will help in comparing your favourite tanks and exploring every characteristic, ranging from armour and engine power to damage and view range.

Our specially tailored ratings system with animated indicators will help in easily estimating all of the tank characteristics in one click. Compare the same class vehicles by viewing a leader board based on a chosen parameter. Switching between basic and maximum configuration will clearly tell which tank is worth those precious credits and gold. Moreover, Tankopedia will visually indicate how different modules influence the overall tank performance. Curious of how characteristics will change by installing this new gun or turret? Which module stands next in line to research? Is it worth it? You'll find the answer in World of Tanks Assistant's Tankopedia! Just open the detailed module info, mark it and the system will instantly recalculate all ratings.

The new Windows Phone version also allows you to track destroyed vehicle models on a chosen tank and groups them by nation or class.

In addition, Clan Wars players will gladly welcome the list of owned provinces with key indicators from total income to time owned as well as detailed info on each province on the Global and Event map.


Release notes for Windows Phone

  • Tankopedia: all vehicle details ready at hand.
  • Province details available.
  • Clan's provinces.
  • Other improvements.


Release notes for iOS

  • Performance characteristics of every vehicle in the game.
  • Vehicle rating by a chosen performance characteristic with visual indication.
  • Possibility to check various vehicle configurations.
  • New languages supported: French, Dutch, Polish, Czech


Download for iOS devices Download for Windows Phone devices


Check out World of Tanks Assistant version 1.7 for more features and goodies!