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World of Tanks Celebrates Victory

World of Tanks development team is happy to congratulate you on the upcoming holiday – Victory in Europe Day. This significant day within WOT will be distinguished by a series of special events comprising popular Kill the Mod which will take place on May 8th, Elbe Day creativity contest is still underway as well as Clan Parade video contest.

However a celebration with no presents is not a proper one.

During three days – starting May 7th (after scheduled maintenance) and up till May 10th (until scheduled maintenance) the following bonuses will be available for everyone:

    * 50% discount on all equipment;

    * 5x experience multiplier for the first victory of the day (instead of 2x);

    * 3-day premium account for only 250 gold.

More surprises await you on Victory in Europe Day itself. Don’t miss it and celebrate the Victory with us!