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World of Tanks Rolls Out to WCG Grand Finals


Wargaming is proud to inform you that World of Tanks will be featured at the World Cyber Games Grand Finals (WCG), taking place at Kunshan International Exposition & Convention Center in Kunshan, China, from November 29th to December 2nd.

The WCG are very similar to the Olympic Games, just for eSports! The success of eSports tournaments across the world has given life to the World Cyber Games for which the overall prize pool consists of a huge 500 000$. About 700 players from 70 different countries take part in the championships every year and since its founding the event has been sponsored by Samsung. The first championship took place on 2000 in Seoul, supported by world major IT companies and the South Korean government and since then South Korea have become globally recognized for taking the lead and making history in international eSports.

The debut of World of Tanks in the World Cyber Games has become possible because of the numerous successful tournaments and championships for the game which have been held all over the world.  Tank battles have truly become global.

“Several months ago we introduced a special blitz version of tank battles with only seven players per team, and it has proven to be a great fit for tournament formats,” said World of Tanks eSport Lead Alexey Kuznetsov. “We are all excited about being included in the most popular eSport event of the year, and I’m sure World of Tanks will make a great debut there.”

If you are interested in the eSports universe or if you are a World of Tanks player, then the WCG are for you!

As the event draws closer we will be releasing more information and details about the World Cyber Games.  Stay tuned to the news to follow this exciting event!