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World of Tanks at Milan Games Week team is in the middle of the first day of the debut Milan Gaming Expo taking place at the prestigious Milano Congressi expo center. The show will be on air from November 4 to November 6 and we are welcoming all our players to visit our booth B6 and show their best tanking skills.

Free game zone attendants who earn more than 500 experience are given special World of Tanks T-shirts and bonus cards.

Traditionally, we are holding World of Tanks Open Tournament to find the best virtual tankmen who will be awarded with special prizes:

  • I prize — Powerful XMG laptop
  • II prize — iPad2
  • III prize — Gaming set for profound gamers

And the top scores of the day:

  • PanzerKnight scored 2127 points on vk 3601
  • Maiko scored 1771 points on Panther II
  • Dimitri used vk3001 to earn 1711 points

Hope to see you at our booth!