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World of Tanks Lands on the Moon!

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Have you ever dreamed about driving your tank on the Moon? Have you been wondering how that would look like and did you get excited imagining the epic tank battles out in space? We have got thrilling news for you! Now you will be able to take it to the Moon and back! With the new update we are preparing to insert the Moon map as an exclusive addition to our game!

Remember how we introduced the new physics in Version 8.0? Well, commanders, that was just the beginning, for imagine how much more amazing and advanced the physics will be in the low gravity atmosphere of our Moon map! 

On the Moon you will be able to enjoy totally a different battling experience:

  • Due to lower gravity on the Moon, you will be able to fly the tank in some specific areas (we won’t tell you where, you will have to explore it yourself)
  • The base for your team is going to be having a brand new Moony design!
  • In-game communication is going to new dimensions!
    • Use advanced radios based on solar energy, so the team that is on the side of the Sun will have a slight advantage!
    • For players with 100% crew training, there is an option for telepathic communication. How about that, commanders?
  • On some occasions you could meet participants in the battle in addition to the enemy team, including alien spaceships which will be destroyable.
    • Note, spaceship can only be destroyed by using golden ammunition.
    • If you manage to destroy the spaceship you will get extra experience.
    • The alien spaceship will be able to abduct your tank! If that happens, you have lost the game.
  • While in combat, the shells will have a different game mechanisms due to the different physics on the moon. They will fly in slowermotion, so you will have to calculate and line up your shot carefully before hitting someone
  • When you shoot an enemy you must be ready for a heavy recoil as your tank might end up a good few meters from the starting point.   Open-topped vehicles, that is tank destroyers and SPG’s, will have to be extra careful – Lighter crew members might fly out into space!
  • For artillery, this map will have some pros and cons.  As well as the gravity changes, the shells will fly higher and the range of hit is going to be a bit of surprise. So be careful, you could end up hitting yourself!
  • Another great feature implemented into this exciting map is a teleport
    • If you don’t like the map and the new physics, you will be able to use the teleport button. A specially trained soldier will teleport you straight back to the Earth! Isn’t that just awesome?!

Commanders, prepare for some mid-air collisions! World of Tanks taking over the Universe! Where are we heading next time? The Sun, Mercury or Venus?