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World of Tanks Generals

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If you like World of Tanks as a full game, you will love the new card game version, which is called World of Tanks Generals.  This is a completely new game, albeit one with the same basis that we all know and love – the technology of warfare and the Second World War atmosphere.  However, World of Tanks Generals will use a completely different platform – your browser.  This means that you do not have to download anything.  All you need is an internet connexion and any device will get you straight into the midst of the battle!

In this new environment, you will be able to play online single and multiplayer modes, take part in historical events and fight on the global map to dominate the world.  To win the battles, you will need to demonstrate your tactical skills, whilst planning your strategy, researching new technology, buying new tanks and units to be more efficient and so on.  World of Tanks Generals features over 220 unique cards, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.  Units include tanks, artillery and infantry, as well as special bonus cards that can grant additional firepower or defenses, adding a new dimension of strategy to gameplay.

Victor Kislyi, the CEO of Wargaming has this to say about the new free game: “World Of Tanks Generals will merge the worlds of tabletop and video games, featuring solid mechanics, strategic thinking and tactical twists in a fun, approachable way. It will feature the same great multiplayer tank warfare that Wargaming fans have come to love, just from an entirely new perspective.

If you like video games and/or card games, and if you can think strategically, then the upcoming World of Tanks general is for you!

World of Tanks Generals will also be available as a card-based strategy board game.  You can find more information on the dedicated website.

It’s time to put the cards on the table, commanders!