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The World of Tanks Europe Timeline

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One year ago the world looked different, specifically the World of Tanks. A lot has happened since the European release. A ton of new content, tanks, maps and altogether new functionality make World of Tanks today look very different from what it was when it came out of beta in April 2011. At our anniversary in Europe we therefore wanted to take a moment to reflect on the evolution of World of Tanks, from having only one German heavy tank branch, no American tank destroyers and not a single French vehicle to where we are today.

While looking towards the future and working on new content for you is keeping us busy day by day we still want to invite you to take a moment and join us in reflecting on what has happened during our first year in Europe. Our team has put together the European World of Tanks Timeline, which you can find hereunder.

Celebrate with us today and let us look forward to an amazing second year together with lots of new content, and many more online and live community events throughout Europe!

Thank you for your continued support and dedication, without which none of these accomplishments would have been possible!