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World of Tanks’ Birthday

Not all the details will be revealed though. Striving for keeping the intrigue we are announcing only one surprise that awaits players on August 12th.

The festive day will bring each World of Tanks player a special promo code. Being activated it will make everyone the owner of 24 hours of premium account!

Using Premium Account provides you 50% more credits and experience per battle, therefore it allows one to get longed-for vehicles faster and will save time to progress as well. Premium Account owners are able to create their own Platoons for 3 members and companies for up to 15 members in order to fight shoulder to shoulder with the reliable allies.

NB! The details on how you will get the promo code will be announced soon. The promo-code can be activated on any day of your choice between August 12th and August 19th.

This is not the only surprise to come! Follow the news and do not forget to share the information with your fellow-warriors!