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World of Tanks Assistant – Mobile App: Version 1.4

General News
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The World of Tanks Assistant is a handy smartphone application giving you access to all sorts of useful information about your game, such as your battle stats, in-game currency balance and all the latest news.  It has seen a lot of improvements lately and has become a strong companion for many of you virtual tankers out there. So much so in fact, we can now proudly announce that the app has been installed on over one million mobile phones worldwide since its launch!

With so many new users pouring in, we thought it high time to give the app an upgrade as well. Our designers and programmers have been working hard, but it is finally ready! Version 1.4 of the World of Tanks Assistant has been released, adding even more new features to its already impressive repertoire.

What’s New in 1.4?

  • Synchronization of Android and iOS versions for an equal experience on both devices.
  • Ability to check the achievements you win in-game.
  • Sorting of vehicles by class, nation, tier, battles and victories.
  • Option to filter news by category.
  • Search for clans and add them to your favourites.
  • One-click sending of your achievements to your social networks.
  • Update of info on achievements and vehicle stats to match Version 8.3 of World of Tanks


How do I get it?

Check out our useful software section on the website to find out more about the World of Tanks Assistant, or head over to Google Play, the Apple App Store or Windows Marketplace to download and start using it immediately. Of course the app is completely free for all devices and platforms!

Download the Assistant and take your World of Tanks experience with you everywhere you go, Commanders!