World of Warships: Legends Is Now Fully Released


World of Warships: Legends just left Early Access and Game Preview on PS4 and Xbox One on 12 August.

With this release comes World of Warships: Legends biggest event yet, The Hunt for Tirpitz! This campaign is perfect to help you get started through the Tech Trees, and if you manage to complete it, the legendary Tirpitz will be yours to command. What's not to like?

Speaking of the Kriegsmarine, rest assured that the iconic battleship won't come alone, as the German destroyers just joined World of Warships: Legends, while the German battleships are making their first appearance through the early access system. 

Of course, you can expect the fleet from every nation to be extended over the upcoming months, and all of that, from the comfort of a big and fluffy sofa - being a ship's captain has its advantages. So take the sea right now and make sure to download World of Warships: Legends on your console.