Live your Summer the World of Tanks Way


Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the sun, the holidays and tons of glorious activities. That said, it could also mean that you will have less time to play World of Tanks. But don't worry, the spirit of the coolest vehicles on the planet will never leave you if you follow our summer tour! 

We designed the guide below for your eyes only, commanders, and we hope it will help you plan the most epic of summers.

World of Tanks Summer Tour

  • 21-23 June: Hellfest (Clisson, France)
  • 28-30 June: Tankfest (Bovington, U.K)
  • 19-20 July: Carrousel de Saumur (Saumur, France)
  • 1-3 August: Wacken Open Air (Wacken, Germany)
  • 1-3 August: Pol'and'Rock (Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland)
  • 21-24 August: gamescom (Cologne, Germany)
21-23 June: Hellfest (Clisson, France)

Tanks are made of metal, and so is the small town of Clisson! Every year since 2006, this village welcomes some of the best Metal bands in the world for Hellfest, a three-day show. If you like sound as strong as heavy tanks and riffs as fast as a wheeled vehicle, this festival is one hell (pun intended) of a way to start your summer. 

Pro-Tip: Arrive 20 June to enjoy an extra day of festivities! This year, Slipknot is partnering up with the organization for a fourth day, Knot Fest, featuring our favourite masked men, and the one and only Sabaton!

28-30 June: Tankfest (Bovington, U.K)

No music this time, except the delicious roaring noise of tank engines! Once again, World of Tanks and the Bovington Tank Museum are teaming up for the biggest display of historic moving armour! Join us for three days of celebration, featuring rare vehicles.

Pro-Tip: Don't miss the Panther Bretagne! This captured vehicle has been restored by the French museum of Saumur and was moved to the U.K. just for you, commanders!

19-20 July: Carrousel de Saumur (Saumur, France)

This is by far the eldest event of this list. This year, we celebrate the 170th edition of the Carrousel de Saumur, which is dedicated to cavalry, in all its forms! If you like horses AND tanks, you're in for a treat.

Pro-Tip: The celebration is divided into two parts. Every morning, you can visit the National School of Horse Riding for a charged show. The afternoon is dedicated to the history of the cavalry, and its shows, exhibition, and animations are free!

1-3 August: Wacken Open Air (Wacken, Germany)

Hellfest's bigger and meaner brother, Wacken is considered the biggest heavy metal festival in the world, which makes of it the Maus of this list. More than 200 bands are coming this year, which means everybody should find something of their liking! For example, Sabaton will be there as well, to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Pro-Tip: We will have an on-site booth! You read that right! For the first time in its history, World of Tanks will be at Wacken Open Air. Come and meet us for tanky surprises!

1-3 August: Pol'and'Rock (Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland)

You're closer to Poland than to Germany? Don't worry, Pol'and'Rock is also happening during the first weekend of August! Not so focused on Metal, the festival, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year, can still count on great performers, like Perturbator, Parkway Drive and even Prophets of Rage - the superband formed by members of the legendary Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill. Not even a 50TP Prototyp is that heavy!

Pro-Tip: Inspired by the iconic Woodstock Festival, Pol'and'Rock is free!

21-24 August: gamescom (Cologne, Germany)

Inaugurated nine years ago, gamescom is now the beating heart of videogames in Europe. Get your hands on the hottest titles of the industry here! 

Pro-Tip: Thursday is usually the sweetest day to go to gamescom. But whatever the day, don't forget to pack good shoes: you will be standing in line, a lot!


Do you have any recommendations for us, commanders? Leave them on the Forums below, and in the meantime... Roll out!