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Victor Kislyi on World of Tanks' Future

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Throughout the years everyone at Wargaming has been working hard to make World of Tanks not only a great game, but one that evolves and grows. This dedication to improvement comes right from the top -- Victor Kislyi, the founder and CEO of Wargaming. Game Development has its challenges, but we're armed with the best ammunition possible: the feedback of players like you.

Paul Barnett, Director of Community in North America, recently sat down with Victor and some players to discuss what Wargaming has planned for World of Tanks now and into the future.

Going in a New Direction

Update 10.0 "Rubicon" served as a wake-up call for how we develop our games. While ambitious, it became clear that many of the features we planned were not going to be as successful as we had hoped. Afterwards, the development team saw major changes, including a dramatic shift in leadership, in order to radically rethink how we viewed our development efforts in order to more intimately understand World of Tanks.

The result: a refocused effort on development built on a foundation of community feedback. The seeds of this can be seen in our most recent update, 9.14, which adds more realistic physics and sound effects and a host of new features.

Next Update and Beyond

Since its launch six years ago, development on World of Tanks has never stopped. As an "always live" game, making dramatic changes to the game can be a serious challenge. But real change is necessary and that change will be the result of intense analysis and testing to ensure that everything we change makes sense for the game and the players.

The upcoming update will see the first major changes to the game, most notably a major rebalancing of vehicles. While this will all happen over time, we're looking at all aspects of vehicle balance, including improvements to Premium vehicles and the removal of Rampage Mode. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Victor, the Tanker

Victor is not only the CEO of Wargaming. He's a tanker just like you!


Watch the video above to hear more about Victor and our games!