Put Tanks on Your Walls with Displate

There's a new partner in our crew, commanders!

Today, we're extremely proud to announce that we've joined Displate's amazing collection of metal posters. If you don't know their products yet, Displate offers a wide range of metal posters in three different sizes. Plus, thanks to their magnetic system, these metal prints don't require an AP shell, nor a drill for that matter, to stick to your walls. Even better, for every Displate you buy, 10 trees will be planted.

World of Tanks posters display the great nations of our game, dream-like tanks, famous vehicles or iconic visuals inspired by our biggest events, like the release of the Bretagne Panther. So if you want to dress up your walls, add more tanks to your favourite room, save the planet at the same time, and make sure to grab one of our Displates with a discount. Just use the code "WOT20" to get 20% off and free shipping on your first metal poster. Hurry up though, this discount is only available from 23 to 26 August!



Roll out!