Find World of Tanks on Discord


Just like the best tanks out there, we need to adapt to face new challenges. One of them is having the best radio operators to stay in touch with you! We have our Forums, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but now, you can also check Discord.

World of Tanks Europe has launched its official, verified, and amazing Discord server, where you will find a thriving community and Wargaming staff chatting all things tanks. Which means new announcements, updates, in-game events, and streams, to name just a few. 

We're now talking in English, but all languages are welcome! Joining the server will allow you to communicate faster than ever with fellow tankers. We also guarantee you won't miss a thing about World of Tanks activities, events and streams. Even better, you will be able to find platoon members thanks to premade channels!

For now, the Discord server is only available in English, other languages may be added at a later point.


One last thing: we would like to thank all the commanders involved in the creation and management of World of Tanks' Discord server, particularly Forcellrus, who helped us launch this awesome rocket!

What is Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one secure free voice, video, and text chat app for gamers aged 13 and up. It was created to bring people together through a love for gaming. Anyone can access Discord via their browser, PC or mobile phone with the Discord application downloadable from here:


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Roll out!