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Winter Surprise Calendar

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24th December

Miles M.20, IS-6 & Gold

British Tier V Fighter Plane
Soviet Tier VIII Heavy Tank


30 Days of Premium

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December has arrived and with it comes the holiday season! Later this month, we will be kicking off our huge end of year celebrations. Until that time, we thought we would get you all in the mood for the festivities by having a Winter Surprise Calendar for our Premium Shop!

Each day, check in to find out what the special offer of the day is! Look forward to some great deals but be warned – they’ll only be around for a day each!

The Winter Surprise Calendar begins on December 1st and will run every day until December 24th. It will change each day in the morning. If there is a special vehicle you have been looking out for an offer on, you may be in luck!


Summary of the Winter Surprise Calendar so far:

December 24th Miles M.20, IS-6, Gold 30 Days of Premium, 30% Off Plane
December 23rd Dicker Max 30% Off
December 22nd M22 Locust 50% Off
December 21st E-25 30% Off
December 20th Excelsior 50% Off
December 19th XF4F-3 & Gold 3 Days of Premium
December 18th T-25 50% Off
December 17th Churchill III 50% Off
December 16th Gold & Credits 7 Days of Premium
December 15th Sexton I 50% Off
December 14th SU-100Y 30% Off
December 13th T-127 50% Off
December 12th Matilda IV 50% Off
December 11th Gold & Credits Favourable Exchange Rate
December 10th TOG II* 30% Off
December 9th Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) 50% Off
December 8th 12 Month Premium 15% Off
December 7th Bf. 110C & Gold 3 Days of Premium
December 6th E-25 30% Off
December 5th T-15 50% Off
December 4th Panther/M10 & Premium 30% Off Tank
December 3rd LBSh & Gold 3 Days of Premium
December 2nd Gold & Premium Account 10% Off
December 1st Gold & Credits T1E6, Tier II Light Tank