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Win a Prize from World of Tanks!

The gaming info-source celebrates its 6 years anniversary. In honour of this glorious date World of Tanks and MMOsite are running a special action, providing an opportunity to get a great prize from World of Tanks!

The action is very simple and one can easily get the reward: the only thing you will have to do is to collect coins on MMOsite! To take part in the action all you have to do is to sign up on and enter the MMOsite anniversary page, then click on How to earn coins. The Instruction page will explain you how to collect them and where they can be found, for example one can receive them by simply entering their website or partaking in a quest! After collecting a certain amount of coins you will be able to win a special prize from World of Tanks! The prizes can be found on this page.

Do not hesitate and take part in the action!