Hot Black Market Deals in the Wargaming Store

Psst, Commanders, come quick!

Don’t tell anyone but we managed to secure a limited stack of two high-value boxes filled with all kinds of sweet World of Tanks merch. There is no time to take full stock. We have to move these Mystery Boxes quickly before anyone notices, but you can trust us, they are both filled with the good stuff.

There is the Master Gunner Mystery Box marked at 98€, but we can cut you a deal. How does 49,99€ sound? Plus, we guarantee that you get at least one apparel item, collectibles, and a range of accessories.

Or go all in and check out the Top Gun Mystery Box. You would have to put down 170€ for this deal in the store, but of course, we have to keep this on the down-low, so let’s say 99,99€. You will receive at least one apparel item, collectibles, an item from the home & office category, and a range of accessories.

Mystery Boxes

Contents are exclusive to each box, so you won’t have to worry about duplicates if you grab both! Do we have a deal? Remember, once they are gone, they are gone!

Not up for some risky business? Your loss, mate. Get on your merry way and browse through some of the fan favorites at the Wargaming Store instead. Everything is squeaky clean and on the up and up over there. No shady deals, just fantastic offers on high-quality gear.

Signature Hoodie

Plush Tiger

T-shirt Tiger Stone Washed

Leather Jacket


And hey, if anyone asks, you have never heard of any Black Market!

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