Wargaming Store: Get Dressed for the WoT EU Anniversary


The celebrations of the EU World of Tanks server anniversary are already in full swing. You can still join the festivities and even better, mark this milestone with super deals on a wide range of gear in the Wargaming Store. Now is the time to pick up the gear you have always wanted!

Tiger T-shirt
50% Off
Signature Hoodie
30% Off
World of Tanks Logo Backpack – 50% Off
Logo Sweatpants
25% Off
Hat with Patch
50% Off
World of Tanks Signature Dogtag
50% Off

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All offers are available until 22 April 2020 or until we run out of stock. So, don’t hesitate and make sure you are dressed just right for the occasion with all kind of World of Tanks gear.


Roll Out!