Game Center — Your Management Platform for all Things Wargaming


We’re excited to introduce the Game Center! This desktop launcher is your window to the Wargaming universe, where you can keep all your games, watch the latest videos, and quick-search current offerings to grab the hottest Premium Store deals. It also helps you get into the game faster with automatic background updates, checks and it also repairs installed games and briefs you on important events and news. Download the Game Center now and enjoy convenient access to all of your favourite games!

NOTE: The Game Center is currently in Beta testing, so keep your feedback coming as we enrich the launcher with new features and polish it leading to the release. You can share your thoughts on it by clicking “Leave feedback” right in the launcher.

All-in-one Access

We know you want convenience, flexibility, and choice—so now the Game Center takes you to all of your favourite Wargaming games in no time. Plus, if you’re testing a new product, like Total War: ARENA, you’ll find it here, too. If you enjoy playing on several servers, Game Center helps you get the best of both worlds. It lets you install several game versions so you can switch regions.

Always Ready to Run

Want to hit the battlefield right now, but are stuck waiting for the client to update to the latest version? With the Game Center you can initiate hassle-free automatic updates for installed games, which will always keep them up to date. You can also manually set the download speed and distribution of updates to lower the load on your Internet connection.

Total Control

Getting a game back up and running after an unexpected crash can be easy. The Game Center checks the game client and restores it, if there has been damage. Have a particular graphics setup in mind? Want to play without mods? With Game Center, it's as easy as plug and play. Flag your preferences in the app—and there you have it. It’ll also help you collect all necessary technical data and file a ticket to the Customer Service Center.

On Top of the News

You won't miss out on important happenings from around the Wargaming universe. Game Center delivers them to you. You can read up on the latest news, check fresh video guides, ongoing Premium Store sales, and more in the launcher before you play. Official websites, forums, wiki and the Customer Service Center are always at hand, too. There’s no need to keep countless tabs open in your browser.


IMPORTANT: Once you’ve installed the Game Center and imported games into it, traditional game launchers won’t work. You can always return to them: just re-install the game client you’d like to run the old way.


Got questions? We've got answers on our knowledgebase!