Wargaming Store: Commemorate D-Day With Historic Deals


June 6, 1944, will be forever remembered as D-Day, the beginning of Operation Overlord that ultimately led to the liberation of Europe. In honor of the 76th anniversary of this historic day, the Wargaming Store is offering some of the best-selling gear in our World of Tanks collection at great discounts, including t-shirts, bags, caps, model kits, construction blocks, accessories, drinkware, peripherals, and much more. Check out a selection of our favorites below and join your fellow tankers who already call them their own. Take a look—we are sure you will find something that you like!

The offers are available until June 17 or until we are out of stock.

50% OFF 40% OFF 50% OFF 30% OFF
30% OFF 40% OFF 50% OFF 30% OFF

And that’s far from everything that the Wargaming Store has to offer. Check it out!

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