Get Your 10th Anniversary Box and More


The final act of our anniversary countdown is here and with it an amazing World of Tanks 10th anniversary box in the Wargaming Store. The kit includes everything you need to prepare for the festivities. The 10th Anniversary Stone Wash Tiger T-shirt to ensure you look like a true tank commander. The stylish 10th Anniversary Military Cap that will protect you and leave your fellow tankers in the shade. An Etched-White Logo Stein to keep you fresh even during the most heated battles, and much more!

Head to the store and make sure to place your order for the box before August 30 to receive a mystery gift on top of your order for free. And did we mention that shipping is also free?!

In addition to the collector’s box, we also have a brand-new 10th-anniversary chair that will keep you comfortable when you head to the battlefield. And of course, the amazing Act V anniversary art is once again available as a special collector’s mug or pillow!

To the Wargaming Store

Dress your best and Roll Out!