Vampires vs Werewolves: Who Would Win?

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26/10/2018 26/10/2018





Forget about garlic, silver bullets, wooden stakes, and even crucifixes. This time, monsters will fight with and against weapons new to them: tanks!

Round 1: The Players Fight

Werewolves and vampires are at it again! Would you like to join them in their everlasting war? Both sides are in need of fresh recruits, so this is your chance! To join these famous monsters, you only have to do one thing: activate one of the codes below and charge into battle for the Round 1 of this epic showdown!

  • If you enjoy the light of the full moon, join the werewolves with the code IAMHUNGRY 
  • If you enjoy a nice sip of blood, join the vampires with the code IAMTHIRSTY 


Of course, joining this war is not exactly a selfless act. By fighting for your tenebrous masters, you'll be able to get your hands on battlefield loot through the missions below. And that's not all, because the champions of your factions will give you an extra reward depending on their own performances - more about that below.

Factions Missions

Until 26 October at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2), support your favourite team with new missions! By completing the Vampire/Werewolf Domination, you're granting one point to your side! But whatever the outcome, you'll get the rewards below!
  • Join the War
  • Vampire / Werewolf Domination 
Join the War


  •  1 Personal Reserve: +100% XP for 1 hour
  •  1 Personal Reserve: +50% Credits for 1 hour


  • Activate one of the faction codes


  • One code per account - you can't betray your side!
Vampire / Werewolf Domination 


  •  1 Garage slot
  •  3 Personal Reserves: +100% XP for 2 hours 
  •  2 Personal Reserves: +100% Crew XP for 2 hours
  •  1 Personal Reserves: +50% Credits for 1 hour 
  •  1 point for your faction


  • Play 20 battles
  • Place among the top 10 of your team by Base XP


  • Once per account
Important: come back to this article every day to follow the progress of your chosen faction, which will be displayed in a table at the top of this piece!

Round 2: The Champions Fight

The war between Werewolves and Vampires has been going on for centuries, and many heroes have risen from this conflict. But this time, these champions will assume a new form: tank commanders!

  • Orzanel will proudly represent the vampires 
  • Dakillzor will fight for its fellow werewolves

On 27 October, starting at 17:00 CEST (UTC+2), your faction commanders will fight to end this war for good and add more points to their team! Follow them and their platoons on our Twitch Channel / Youtube Channel as they fight in Random Battles, during Round 2 of this glorious conflict. They will fight for two hours, and the Commander with the most base XP will be crowned the winner, while its adversary will be doomed to lurk in the shadows forever...

Important: a Round 3 might be required to break a tie, so keep an eye out for any epic twists of fate! 

What's in it for you, you ask? Well, a cool skin! The Black Widow style will be granted to French vehicles if the vampires win, and to German vehicles if the Werewolves are victorious! But note that this style will be granted to the winning faction during the following week!


Roll out!