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Welcome Rookies to World of Tanks!

General News
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Welcome to World of Tanks,  a team-based massively multiplayer free online action game in which you can enjoy intensive tank-on-tank combat. You will find yourself immersed in the tank battles of World War II with over 260 vehicles to choose from six nations!

Depending on your gameplay preferences, you can choose from five different categories of legendary and historically accurate vehicles. Our numerous and varied maps will throw you into the heart of different types of combat, and help you to develop new strategies so that you can start roaring on the battlefields.

To enjoy the best action whilst becoming an outstanding commander, never forget the importance of teamwork! To help you get started, we have prepared this Newcomer’s Guide to get you all ready before hopping into your steel machine.

Don’t forget that you can also ask for help from the veterans at any moment on the forums.  Take a look at the board reserved for new players and the guides for new recruits. There are also the regional contests, if you want to become an active part of the community and win prizes whilst you are at it!


Are you ready? It’s time to roll out and hunt down your foes!