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Close Amazes E3

E3 Expo is in full swing and World of Tanks is showing good results at this world-wide known exhibition. stand is crowded with people willing to join the army of World of Tanks, and the number of its piping-hot fans increases with every minute.

Two days at the Expo evoked pure emotions due to exciting events held, such as the special tournament, organized for the E3 visitors specifically. The comers had a brilliant chance to partake in the competition and to get amazing prizes, regardless of their WoT gaming experience. First place holders received unique laptops by Origin, with the hand-designed top. More than that, all visitors received various gifts from Wargaming.

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"The most amazing part of the stand is the glorious Hetzer – people study it with great interest and make pics with him in the background. What is more, there are always men in WWII military uniform standing by its side who tell interesting historical facts and stories.  And any person can get the answer to any question regarding the general historical data of the tank and military history. Two other tanks – Sherman and T34 – are parked outside the main entrance of the Expo, attracting the attention of people passing by."

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