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Wargaming TV: Update 7.0 Special

After endless bumpy chicanes, cunning apexes, and sweeping curves the update 7.0 is flying out of the last corner onto the main straight. The release draws close and Wargaming.Net developers are working days and nights to get everything done.

How far are they from the finishing line? And what’s so special about v 7.0, which has taken them so long to prepare? We all can’t wait to know. TV has got its own ‘Room of Truth’ for straight on conversations, where WOT Lead Game Designer Michael Jivets and Deployment Team Lead Vitaliy Kuhta have been questioned about multi-cluster technology, in-game novelties and improvements.

Clusters will be created for each server, when needed, to allow a greater number of players to enjoy the game at peak times. In the distant future, players from different WoT servers will be able to play together.

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