Maus and Lorraine Tanks Enlisted By Cobi!

Cobi is adding two new tanks to its World of Tanks range, read on to see which of your favourite in-game titans are going to be setting a model example! 

The first of the new warriors to join the fight for your desk space is the Panzer VIII Maus, a real German juggernaut which is also the heaviest tank in World of Tanks! Maus is a frontline combatant, and can cut through even the most daunting of enemy ranks.

Also entering the fray we have the Lorraine 40 t, an experimental French medium tank whose in-game camouflage has chameleon-esque qualities, and changes to adapt whichever map you play!  It never entered mass production, so now's your chance to own a part of wartime history!



Both tanks are bundled with a bonus code which will grant you some lovely in-game goodies in World of Tanks PC, including 3 days of Premium Account, a Large Repair Kit, and a consumable item such as Chocolate or Strong Coffee!

You can also check out these models over at the Wargaming Store, where they're available to buy now!

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