Admire Iconic Tanks With Collectible Models From Corgi


We're delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Hornby Hobbies to release a collection under their brand Corgi*—a model giant famous for its high-quality die-cast models. We're offering nine 1/72 scale die-cast models of classic tanks such as the V T-34 , VII Tiger I , and V M4A1 Sherman .

Each model features a rotating turret, moveable gun, and accurate paint scheme as seen in the game. They also have small rolling wheels in the base, for easy movement. Each comes with a unique bonus and invite codes for both new and existing players! Scroll through the model gallery below and choose your favorite.

*Corgi is famous for its high-quality die-cast models, offering high detail and durability, plus wonderful collectable packaging. The World of Tanks range offers the same level of detail with each tank being a true representation of the digital World of Tanks version. Averaging around 90 mm in length, they are a perfect collection for all World of Tank fans.

You can pick them up on Corgi's website or through the Wargaming Store.


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