Wargaming Store: FabZat 3D Busts and Phone Cases

Did you know that the Wargaming Store has joined forces with FabZat to create some exclusive, personalised merchandise based on the World of Tanks universe?

Videogames can sometimes feel pretty realistic and immersive in the modern era, though we’re still quite far away from seeing Tron become a reality. The next best thing to do is to create a 3D model of yourself as a WWII tanker! Upload your photo, and FabZat can use it to create a personalised 3D bust of you as either a British, French, or German tank commander (with more nations to come at a later date)! Cool, right?

You can also buy personalised mobile phone cases for Samsung Galaxy (for all models and sizes from Galaxy S5 to Galaxy S7, with Galaxy S8 sizes coming soon) and iPhone (all models and sizes from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7), to keep your phone looking stylish yet protected!

To make things even better, 3D busts and phone cases can be personalised with your username and clan logo too!

You can also check out FabZat's full range of merchandise over at the Wargaming Store, where they're available to check out and buy now!

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