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Wargaming at gamescom 2012

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gamescom 2012 is officially under way and we’re happily awaiting the arrival of thousands of Wargaming fans from all over the world.  We thought we’d kick off our gamescom coverage with an overview of our stand and the activities taking place there, for all of you who’ll be visiting us on location. There are a lot of booths at the trade show this year and so finding your way and knowing what awaits you is more important than ever.

With that being said, it should be pretty hard to miss us! We have got one of the biggest booths in the building. Our presentation space stretches over more than 500 m2 surrounded by three story-high walls that are covered with a digital LED screen of epic proportions. 

With a setup this flashy, we will be able to find us easily!  If you enter the gamescom through the north entrance you just need to follow the blue carpet into the very first hall on your right and walk straight in. You’ll see our booth on the right hand side in hall number 8.

Visitors arriving through the main entrance at the south will need to walk straight through the trade show complex until they stumble upon hall 8 at the end of the main corridor.  Once you’ve passed the glass door and entered the presentation area, you just have to turn left and enter the giant booth that you’ll see towering up in front of you.

After checking out our booth’s video covered facade you’ll want to head straight towards the reception counter in the middle, where either our friendly hostesses or two members of our Wargaming staff will greet you.  Then it’s up to you to make a choice: Do you just head right in towards the main presentation area?  Or do you go left, where over 20 high-end PCs are ready for your private session of World of Tanks?  Should you choose to go right, you’ll find the queue to our second gaming area with 20 more PCs where you’ll be able to lay your hands on World of Warplanes. 

No matter which side you choose, there’ll be highlights wherever you look.  Fans of World of Tanks should definitely come by to get a chance to play the newest Type 62 before it’s even released later this month on the European server.  Meanwhile, budding virtual pilots should head straight for the right gaming area where everybody can try out World of Warplanes, whether they are beta players or not! The game will be playable with your choice of control system - keyboard and mouse, game pad or even joysticks – every PC is equipped with all you need to get the most out of your private playing session. 

Once your tank rides or plane flights are over, our friendly Wargaming staff will guide you towards the exits, where your efforts on land or in the sky will be rewarded with a generous goodie bag. That’s right - everybody who comes to our gamescom booth can play both World of Tanks and World of Warplanes with full VIP access at our stand, and will also be rewarded for it!

Should you prefer to spectate rather than play, you’ll want to focus on the middle of our booth.  It’s right there that we’ve set up a spacious viewing lounge from which you’ll be able to watch the action of the gaming areas on big overhead flat screen TV’s mounted on top of the playing stations. 

Once you’ve seen enough, you’ll want to head deeper towards the back of the booth, where we’ve set up the main stage, complete with two giant projection screens on each side.  It is here that all the big events of the show will be happening.  From Q&A’s and live gameplay demos to interviews with the devs and more… the main stage with its stylish retro looking facade will definitely be the place to be at gamescom 2012.  Check out our full schedule and make sure you arrive on time to grab a seat for one of the multiple shows that we’ll be running each and every day throughout the convention.

This is the end of our little virtual tour of the Wargaming booth.  As you can see, we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you a great trade show experience. You definitely won’t regret your visit to this year’s gamescom 2012.

Should you be unable to come to Cologne yourself this time, there’s a way for you to enjoy our booth anyway.  We wanted to include our online community in all the action, so we have set up a Live Stream! This will be running throughout the whole of gamescom, and will be covering all the events that will be happening on the main stage.  Not only will this be a regular feed, but you’ll even be able to interact with us on location and win yourself some shiny prizes if you participate in this week’s Guess What special editions.  As you can see gamescom 2012 with Wargaming will be a truly universal experience.

We look forward to greeting you all in Cologne, Commanders!