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Wargaming acquires BigWorld

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Some of you may be aware that World of Tanks is powered by BigWorld Technology, a platform that provides the foundation of the game.

We are very pleased to announce that Wargaming has now acquired the Australian company behind BigWorld. 

But what does this mean for our players?  It means that Wargaming can now have greater control over the middleware used in making our games and can integrate it even more effectively into all of our development processes.  This will allow development of more customised features and it will also reduce development time.  In the future Wargaming will be able to expand opportunities for further development in the industry and to explore new platform possibilities.

Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming has this to say: "This is a pivotal event that further reinforces Wargaming’s growth and expansion.  BigWorld Technology is helmed by highly experienced professionals, and our acquisition of it enables us to take all of its technology in house, providing a winning combination of technical expertise and service excellence to players worldwide.”  

With this development, you can look forward to even greater battlefields in the future, Commanders.  Roll out!