Wargaming: 20 Years Strong!

Founded two decades ago in Minsk, Belarus as a small game studio, Wargaming has gone from strength to strength and has been lucky enough to become one of the leading free-to-play gaming developers and publishers.

Over the course of 20 years, we’ve covered a two-thousand-year timespan, from ancient DBA Online and Total War: ARENA, to modern Order of War or futuristic Massive Assault and Master of Orion. We’re represented on all major platforms, so whether you prefer games on PC, consoles, or mobile, you can always find one to your liking.

But, of course, it’s World of Tanks that became the ultimate turning point in our history. With it being such a key milestone, we want to celebrate our birthday and welcome everyone from the community to join the anniversary extravaganza.

A Brief Overview of Wargaming

Our History

  •         1998: Established by Victor Kislyi, Wargaming was a development studio creating multiplayer strategy games for PC.
  •         2000–2002: In the years following, the company released its first project (DBA Online, 2000) and its first full-scale commercial project (Massive Assault, 2002).
  •         2002–2007: Five titles are shipped within the Massive Assault franchise.
  •         2008: Wargaming starts working on our first real-time strategy game: Operation Bagration.
  •         2009: Wargaming develops another RTS game: Order of War.
  •         2010: World of Tanks launches in the CIS.
  •         2011: World of Tanks releases in North America and Europe.
  •         2013: World of Warplanes takes flight.
  •         2014: World of Tanks hits consoles on Xbox 360.
  •         2015: World of Tanks goes next-gen with Xbox One.
  •         2015: World of Warships sets sail for the open seas.
  •         2016: World of Tanks releases on PlayStation 4.
  •         2016: Master of Orion sets coordinates for launch.
  •         2018: World of Tanks PC gets a major overhaul with Update 1.0.

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