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Wargaming Cooperates with War Child UK and War Child UK share the belief that ‘Real War Is Not A Game’. We are therefore happy to say that we continue to support and stand behind War Child UK as they launch their new ‘Real War Is Not A Game’ campaign to engage the wider gaming industry in these important issues.

As a major Free-to-Play publisher who, through its success, has raised awareness for history and education, we strongly believe that it is also our responsibility to give back to the community. As such, we at have helped out museums like the famous Bovington Tank Museum, where we funded an educational classroom for example. In addition to that, we continue to support other educational projects, such as the recent Dornier Do 17 recovery.

Wargaming’s cooperation with War Child UK has brought about tangible results that showcase our continuous work for charitable causes all around the world. Thanks to your generosity, the ‘Charity Packages’ sale that we held in the Premium Shop from September 20th-27th was a great success. Today, we are happy to announce that, following our promise, we have topped up your donations to make a total payment of 100,000€ to War Child UK, which helps children affected by the consequences of conflict in the real world.


From left to right: Ben Knowles, Fundraising Director of War Child UK, Rob Williams, CEO,​ Rinaldo Andreolli, Wargaming Europe’s General Manager, and Richard Cutland, Military Specialist​.

Armoured warfare is something that we believe should take place on people’s PCs and consoles at home and not in the real world. By supporting museums and other educational institutions that showcase the atrocities and consequences of armoured warfare, we try to do our part to make sure that history is not forgotten and that people will not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Given the reality that so many children in conflict zones face these days, we have been on the lookout for an organization that shares our beliefs and are happy to have found a dependable partner in War Child UK. Their work is exceptional in many ways. War Child does not only content itself with helping to create conditions that allow affected children to be protected from the immediate effect of their surroundings. They also enable children to receive an education and assist families and young adults in acquiring skills that will allow them to make a living from a sustainable income on their own.

Because War Child’s activities make a lasting difference to the lives of many, we gladly support their efforts both financially and through raising their profile within our community. We hope that by alerting more people to this crucially important matter, we will be able to raise more funds so that the important work War Child is doing can continue and reach more children. 

Visit War Child UK’s website for further information on the charity itself or read up on the details of the newly launched Real War Is Not A Game campaign. 


Thanks for making our support of War Child UK possible, Commanders!