War Child Armistice 2018 - the Results

On November 1918, the guns went silent. One hundred years later, you were pretty vocal in your support to War Child!

Our partnership with this charity is an absolute success, and we have to thank each and every one of you commanders because you made it happen. 18,643 players have supported War Child through bundle purchases!

That's no less than 153,517 USD for the organisation, which will directly receive all the collected funds. 

With this amount, War Child will be able to help 1290 children in areas affected by conflict by keeping them safe, helping them to learn and overcome their horrifying experiences, as well as equipping them with new skills for a brighter future. 

Since this cause is extremely important, we highly encourage you to extend your support to War Child with direct donations.


In the meantime, you can be proud, commanders. This operation is the biggest Armistice Campaign in World of Tanks history!


Keep fighting for great causes, and roll out!

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