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Video: Tank Academy - Scouting

The newest episode of the Tank Academy video series is about the smallest vehicles on our battlefields. As you are no doubt aware, good scouting is a great advantage for the team, and sometimes the scout can be a crucial unit for the whole battle. However, successful scouting is a skill to be mastered. If you don’t want to spend the entire battle hiding in the bushes after taking a critical hit in the first minute of the battle, you should definitely check out this Tank Academy video.

Today's episode is all about scout tanks. If you would like to know which equipment is useful for these explorers, how to stay hidden and avoid the guns of your enemies, and how to find the best places to spot for your team, we recommend you take a look and learn from the old veteran, our instructor General Klyayneslon. Soldiers, fetch your notepads and then test the theory for real!  


Commanders, we hope you enjoyed the latest episode! See you on the battlefields!