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Video: Tank Academy 2 – Covering Your Allies

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Tank Academy is a series of videos designed to teach both new and experienced players how to be better team players.  The show explains team tactics and presents training exercises for teams to practice in order to become more effective as a team.  The instructor is Klyayneslon, a Russian veteran who has trained numerous clans and teams.

This episode of Tank Academy takes a closer look at how to cover your wounded team-mates and help to keep everyone alive for longer.  After all, a destroyed tank can’t help anyone! 

The video presents a series of simple team exercises for teams to practise whilst explaining why these tactics are useful.  Whether you play regularly as part of a clan or tank company, or whether you are simply looking for tips on how to play better in Random Battles, there is sure to be something to learn here.

Understand the basics, commanders?  Now get onto the battlefields and try it out!