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Video: T32 - The Heavy

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It is no secret that the T32 is a great heavy tank: it is compact, has a great view range, an almost impenetrable turret, a good gun with great elevation and depression and it is very mobile. No doubt it is the one of the best choices on average in a heavy line-up.

This Tier VIII American heavy tank is a favourite of those taking part in eSports 7on7 competitions and for good reason! If you want to see for yourself the advantages (and cons) of this tank, just click Play. In the following footage we will discuss the tank’s technical specifications, compare its values with those of its brothers-in-arms in other tech trees, and even with other American tanks, such as the T34.  We’ll also look at the appropriate tactics to use in the battlefield, and how to plan according to the enemy being encountered.

Enjoy this Heavy for Christmas!