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Video: RNG Episode 1 – Flight of the Tanks

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World of Tanks can be a game of surprises. Everyone has had that lucky shot that managed to penetrate despite the odds.  How about that time when every enemy on the map was shooting at you and yet you still survived to cap the base?

These lucky occurrences are a result of the Random Number Generator (RNG) in the game.  It’s this mechanic that keeps the game interesting and unpredictable, and to showcase some of the more extreme effects, we are pleased to announce a new video series!

RNG will be a series of videos compiled from the replays you send us! Each episode will have a specific theme or effect of the Random Number Generator.  In this first episode we show off light and medium tanks taking dramatic leaps through the air whilst leaving their suspension intact to keep rolling out straight afterwards.  Some may call these events flukes – we call it RNG.

Had a lucky shot of your own?  Did you have a random occurrence that left you laughing and your enemies in smoke?  Do you want to contribute to RNG so that your luck is immortalised in the community forevermore? We want to see your replays! All you need to do is post them to the special forum thread of your community Video series "RNG: No Comments"!

Want to see more awesome replays?  Check out our new replays site to see the best the community has to offer!  You can also upload your own to show off to the world.


Feeling lucky, commanders?  Get out there and show us what you can do!